Well Child Schedule

We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for the well child schedule of the following check ups and immunizations. Please review the Center for Disease Control (CDC) if you have questions regarding a particular vaccine or ask Dr. Kenawy or one of his staff during your next checkup.

The following schedule for your well-child visits details the list of the immunizations and exams that are needed for each age group.

Check-Up Schedule Vaccinations/Tests Due
Newborn visit 3-5 days of age
Feeding and jaundice follow-up
2 week well visit
Hep B #1 (if not already given in the hospital before discharge)
2 month well visit
Dtap #1, Hib #1, IPV #1, Hep B #2, Prevnar #1, Rotavirus #1
4 month well visit
Dtap #2, Hib #2, IPV #2, Prevnar #2, Rotavirus #2
6 month well visit
Dtap #3, Hib #3, IPV #3, Prevnar #3, Rotavirus #3
9 month well visit
Hep B #3
12 month visit MUST be after 1 year birthday
MMR #1, Chickenpox #1, Prevnar #4, Anemia and lead screening
15 month well visit
Hib #4, Hepititis A #1
18 month well visit
Dtap #4
2 year well visit
Hepatitis A #2
2½ year well visit
This visit is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Please check with your insurance provider for coverage information.

Developmental Screen
3 year well visit
Complete physical exam
4 year visit MUST be after 4 year birthday
Dtap #5, IPV #4, MMR #2, Chickenpox #2
5 year visit
Complete physical exam
6 year visit
Complete physical exam
7 year visit
Complete physical eaxm
8 year visit
Complete physical exam
9 year visit
Complete physical exam, Meningococcal vaccine
10 year visit
Complete physical exam
11 year visit
Annually from 12-21 years old
Complete physical exam annually.

HPV and meningococcal boosters. No vaccines needed if immunizations current.

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